For The Holidays: Find Your Child’s Talent With This Fun Game


You have a 3, 4, 5 or a 6-year-old? Let us guess – you must be wondering what their genuine interests are, interests that are a definite sign of their gifting in life.

We’ve designed a fun game to help you easily discover their talents and give you a sense of how to nourish them so that your child’s gift can truly begin to shine.

Here’s why you should sit your child down to play our fun online game:

1. Well, it’s super fun

Your little one will have a blast matching colors, forms, calculating and being creative. The game is full of engaging drawings of animals, people and everyday objects that can speak and sing.

2. You will discover your child’s strengths & talents

The game is so designed that it will show you your child’s results in these four categories – memory, calculus, logic and creativity. Knowing where your child naturally scores highest will give you a sense of what their strengths are and what they are naturally good at.

On the other hand, you will also discover the areas where your child hasn’t scored that high and needs a bit more encouragement to improve, especially if those skills are vital to have.

So, let’s get playing! Register first and then sit your child down to play our fun game! 😉

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