9 Signs Your Child is a Born Genius

9 Signs Your Child is a Born Genius

Einstein, Steve Jobs and Marie Curie – all of them were geniuses who brightly stood out amongst their peers. But what made them so unique? Was it their different way of thinking, their immense capabilities beyond their age or their visionary imagination? And how did they come to understand how special they really were – could it be their parents?

It’s certainly all parents’ job to recognize if their kids are special in any way and here’s how to find out their uniqueness and if they are GENIUS.

#1 Their development is extremely fast

Many gifted children often develop language skills significantly above age level. They often have an extensive vocabulary and speak in complex sentences at an early age. They also show miraculous motor skills growth.

#2 They ask too many questions

Smart children ask questions all the time! They have an unending curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that can never be satisfied. They are naturally intrigued by details and everything surrounding them.

#3 They love to solve problems

Genius kids’ cognition and problem-solving skills develop much faster than other children. They usually have insights on problems and unique and original ways to solve them.

#4 They observe shapes and patterns

Genius kids start telling shapes and patterns apart as well as observing repetition from as early as 2. Observe your child and take notice of things as simple as differentiating the square from the triangle – they are signs that your child is special.

#5 They communicate with adults as peers

Gifted kids find it difficult to relate to kids their age. They often get bored in class and communicate much better with adults.

#6 They have specific areas of interest

Gifted kids are known to collect ridiculous amounts of knowledge and information on a specific subject they are very passionate about. And they show this tendency at a very early age.

#7 They love reading

Yes, little geniuses are avid readers and quick learners.

#8 They are very focused

Gifted children have an amazing sense of focus and determination. When given a task, they tend to work on it without distractions until completion and they are very efficient.

#9 They are born leaders

Genius children have very distinguished leadership qualities – they are usually more organized and self-regulatory. They have more confidence than other kids and are always looking for ways to improve and grow in knowledge.

Here’s a FUN game that can help you find out if your child is a BORN GENIUS.

Register first and then sit your child down to play it!


9 Signs Your Child is a Born Genius


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