5 Grown Up Kids With Record-Breaking Talents

5 Grown Up Kids With Record-Breaking Talents

They are not your usual bunch of kids! They are high achievers, they are strivers, they are geniuses. And some of them are not yet teenagers.

Here are 5 gifted kids with exceptional talents!

#1 Farrell Wu

Wu began solving mathematical problems when he was one. At only three he was already able to trade stocks. He was named one of the world’s smartest kids by Business Insider after winning the Australian Mathematics Competition in 2012 with a perfect score. He won of course! He solved math problems that most adults couldn’t even figure out.

#2 Giuliano Stroe

Giuliano is one of the world’s youngest bodybuilders and he’s already been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. He began his career at only two. Can you imagine?

#3 Ryan Wang

When Ryan was just a toddler he began playing the electric guitar. At age of four, his mother began taking him to lessons. In just a year, he had mastered piano. His musical genius surpasses the musical talents of most kids his age.

#4 Akrit Jaswal

Akrit started talking at a very early age and had allegedly read Shakespeare at five. When he was seven, Akrit performed surgery for a family that could not afford healthcare for their daughter so at only 10 Akrit was a practicing physician. At 12, he was admitted to a medical school in India.

#5 Taylor Ramon Wilson

Yep, Taylor Wilson built his own nuclear fusion reactor at only 14! As a small child he got interested in rockets and space science. Since he built his reactor he has won numerous awards for his ideas and achievements in science.

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